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Bourn Relentless is a line of naturally derived supplements crafted by performance athlete Christmas Abbott and designed to be as relentless.
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If so, click here to listen to my discussion with Natalie Jill. Natalie is an ultra successful, inspirational fitness expert. But, at one time, she was 65 pounds overweight and a million dollars in debt. In this episode we discuss her struggles with weight gain, depression and celiac disease. She explains how she overcame great adversity and used it as a stepping stone to success.

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To listen, you can either hit the flash audio player below or browse the links to find your preferred format…. If you have questions, use the hashtag RenegadeRadioPodcast and shoot them my way on Twitter or Instagram or email podcast JasonFerruggia. Thank you for tuning in and subscribing.

I appreciate every one of you that takes the time to listen. There is a solution.

DICK'S Sporting Goods Leverages Christmas Abbott's Big Brother Appearance for Second Skin Apparel

The beginning is exciting! You are all in, one hundred percent, doing all the required tasks and staying on top of it completely.

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You have a game plan in mind and are thrilled to be doing whatever work needs to get done. A photo posted by Christmas: Badass Body Life christmasabbott on May 5, at 6: The end is very similar to the beginning. That knowledge gives you power and reaffirms your hard work to that point where you can keep going and happily drudge through the final parts to complete your task. You are IN IT because you have worked so hard, and there is no pulling you away from that finish line! The thrill of the hopeful ending is back, full force, and you are ready to reap the rewards. It hurts.

It is literally the Bermuda Triangle of training and fitness. People start out with enthusiasm and commitment, but two weeks into a four week program they are MIA, never to return.

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In a workout, the pumped athlete starts off strong in the first of three rounds only to come to a complete halt in the second round. Badass Body Life christmasabbott on Apr 20, at 3: That purgatory — and how you handle i it — will define who you really are and how badly you want to reach your goals. Purgatory invokes some wild feelings. The workout is simple enough: The first round of thrusters and pull ups was fast and effortless.

Then, that second round hit, and it hit me HARD.

American Open with Christmas Abbott and Mike Bledsoe

The second round, a. I looked around hoping that a barbell would fly out and knock me out so I could rest and not finish this devilish workout. I want to put a program into place to start recruiting serious athletes in both sports.

Christmas Abbott on Overcoming Adversity, Building a Badass Body, and Leaving a Legacy - Episode 231

Hopefully early in , I will be able to announce the program. I try to take advantage of every second of my time with these great people. I wanted to give you guys a few of the tips that I learned:. Try to find great athletes throughout the world with similar builds as yourself and mimic their technique. There is no one technique that fits all body types, so set out on a quest to find what works for your build. Universal truths- sweep the bar close to the body during the pull, peak the bar, pull yourself aggressively underneath the bar, and move the feet.

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Then start to perfect that 45 minute discussion. All programming works! Some is better than others, but the key is the athlete buying in to the plan. At a meet, less verbal cues is better. Just relax your athlete, keep track of his or her numbers and warm ups, and keep them relaxes. I think that CrossFit has shed light on the barbell, and it is up to people like me to take it to the world. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Here are a couple of things first: Christmas Specials: Click on the link to find out more: