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For the best baking experience use Rhodes within 30 days of buying. We will send you a coupon of equivalent value and make every effort to correct the problem in the future.

Rhodes Bake-N-Serv – Home of America's Favorite Frozen Dough

Questions about baking with Rhodes? Want to check on availability of our products in your area?

Please call weekdays 8: Products Recipes Blog Tips Contact. We will send you a coupon of equivalent value and make every effort to correct the problem in the future Questions about baking with Rhodes? Recipes you might like Lemon Stromboli wi I recently purchased the large bag of dinner rolls for the Thanksgiving holiday, however, because they are so good, I open the bag to bake a few but the never rose!

Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls Only $1.50 at Publix

I eventually threw the whole bag away. Vicki Allen said on Aug 15, Reply. The "best by date " gets rubbed off in the freezer at the store. I bought your cinnamon rolls last week but couldn't read the date. I baked them this morning and they were less than yummy this time.

Is this your favourite store?

They were "ok" but that's it. Could you figure out a marker that would do better in the grocery freezers?

Amy said on Aug 23, First, I'm so sorry to hear that your Cinnamon Rolls were not delicious! I really appreciate you leaving us a message concerning the ink wearing off of the expiration date. This information has already been passed along and will be taken care of! Or you can call or email Customer Satisfaction, They have been notified and are waiting for a call from you. Beverly Hoveland said on Sep 05, Reply.

The BEST Easy Cinnamon Roll Recipe

Rhodes has introduced a new product to their existing list of delicious products. Store in your freezer until you are ready, and then simply take one out of the resealable package, place it on a microwave-safe plate, heat in the microwave for 60 seconds, and you have a delicious treat that looks like it was just pulled out of your oven!

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Top with the included cream cheese icing, and breakfast is served! Tryazon sent me coupons for free Rhodes Cinnamon rolls, several additional coupons to pass along to my guests, along with a free oven mitt. Once my guests arrived, we started the party with a light lunch. After which I gave a small presentation on the new Rhodes product, including a short video on youtube. I also had a laptop set up for guests to browse the Rhodes website.

After the presentation, we made our yummy cinnamon rolls.

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