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At one point of the game, she will send you a free hug coupon, which you may choose to keep or burn. Either choices will affect a small part of the ending.
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Hi guys, sorry if this is annoying. Little inferno is awesome, but the ending I don't like the concept the world will end snowing when it's frozen, and that seems like a "end of the world" kind of refrence I don't mean a world of goo refrence.

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Well, other than that, Over the city, over the smokestacks, over the skies, the weather man P. Have any of you noticed that the letters have a similiar action to the ones from world of goo? I've been watching this on youtube. I'm waiting for it to come out for mac.

You've waited, and I finally have delivered! Spoilers, people! There is! My mum said maybe it was snow because all the smoke blocked off the sun, making the world colder.

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I was wondering if that would make a great world of goo level A little help: The problem is that all the spoilers will be lost after two months, when the thread is locked. Ah well. I don't think anyone will be unfortunate enough to stumble upon them before playing the game anyway.

I was expecting fire based puzzles rather than what we got which was mainly the idea you burn stuff to get money to burn more stuff and unlock catalogs became stale after catalog 3 for me. I didn't like the ending either.

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Overall I was terribly disappointed, it could have been so much more. Login or register to post comments 49 replies [ Last post ]. Login or register to post comments. Albino Pokey. I doubt it, everything kinda explodes at the ending. But under its deceptively simplistic surface, I sensed a pre -apocalyptic world on the brink of another ice age.

Little Inferno Ending (Free Hug Coupon) HD

This is the story I made up in my head: And real-world Tomorrow Corporation's Kyle Gabler, previously of World of Goo fame, told me during an email exchange that my apocalyptic conspiracy theory is "not off base. I played through Little Inferno a half dozen times, seeking answers to these questions and more: Where did Sugar Plumps, the cute little neighbor girl, escape to? Did she really find some tropical paradise? And where was the Weather Man taking me in his mysterious hot air balloon?

Ultimately, I could only alter one aspect of the story, by resisting my urge to burn everything and hanging on to one lone item—a coupon for a free hug—until the final act. With this special prize in hand I unlocked the secret ending: Store Page.

Little Inferno Store Page. Global Achievements.

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I always burned it and I am curious but not curious enough to do a third playthrough. Last edited by DefectiveTurret ; 11 Jun, 5: Showing 1 - 5 of 5 comments. I hear you can, and I believe that you get a secret ending and dialouge choices: I did and I got a close up of Mrs. Nancy getting closer I got a hug and a large smoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooch, nothing else.

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